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The transition to management comes with a myriad of challenges and requires previously untapped skills. Executive Essentials has created custom solutions to meet the specific objectives of your management team while also including the core skills all new managers need.

Programs incorporate multiple aspects of learning including elements of pre-work, readings, speakers, one-on-one and peer coaching, projects, and action planning. A cohort will navigate the program together creating a network with managers across the organization. The program is customized based on industry, company, or job function. The program content, length, and delivery order are adaptable. Additional modules can be added, examples are listed below.

If you don’t see your program listed, call us – we will create it custom just for you.

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Objectives are set by the organization but may include:

  • Increase team cohesiveness and productivity
  • Understand different communication styles and how to flex styles
  • Select the appropriate leadership style for a situation
  • Assess and develop emotional intelligence
  • Promote positive outcomes of conflict
  • Delegate effectively
  • Incorporate staff’s motivational style when goal setting
  • Polish public speaking and presentation skills
  • Provide impactful feedback and performance management
  • Expand your networking and build effective relationships
  • Hone interviewing skills for effective hiring

Leadership & Teamwork

  • Leadership Styles
  • Networking And Relationship Building
  • Conflict Resolution


  • Understanding & Flexing Communication Styles
  • Communicating With Emotional Intelligence
  • Presenting Yourself With Poise And Polish

Staff Development

  • Motivation, Goal Setting, & Delegation
  • Performance Management : Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Interviewing Skills

Optional Modules

  • The Sales Cycle
  • Project  & Time Management
  • Negotiation & Influence
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
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