Create a Team with Polish and Professionalism

The New Hire multi-part training program is designed to provide training in the areas essential to early success on the job. Intended for the younger professional, this program is customized based on industry, company, or job function. The program content, length, and delivery order are also adaptable. Additional modules can be added. The program is designed to be a half-day session, one time per week for the first 3 months of employment.

Graduates of the program are invited back to act as course facilitators and mentors to current participants. This enables them to reinforce and practice the learnings.

If you don’t see your program listed, call us – we will create it custom just for you.

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  • Defining Leadership, Contemplating Ethics & Valuing Diversity
  • Networking & Relationship Building


  • The Corporate Culture: Responsibility & Accountability
  • How To Give & Get Feedback


  • Understanding & Flexing Communication Styles
  • Communicating With Emotional Intelligence
  • Presenting Yourself With Poise & Polish
  • Effective Business Writing


  • Defining Your Team: Collaboration or Competition
  • Conflict Resolution

Getting The Job Done

  • Motivation, Goal Setting, & Delegation
  • Project & Time Management

Optional Modules

  • The Customer Perspective
  • Negotiation & Influence
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
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