Navigate the Path to Leadership

This seminar will give you the crucial foundational skills to shift from being a manager to a well-respected leader who can achieve team success and drive bottom-line performance. Using guided role-play, exercises and practice sessions, you will discover how to adjust your management style and tackle new challenges.

In-depth skills practice using different leadership models combined with interactive activities take you through the paces of motivation, delegation, coaching, communication, performance management and leadership. You will be able to improve on key weakness areas, play to your strengths and get the best results from every member of your team.

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DAY ONE:  Relationship Driven Leadership

Develop, Manage, and Nurture Relationships Up, Down and Across the organization

Defining Your Role

  • Understand the Roles and Responsibilities of Managers
  • Identify Qualities and Abilities Required for Effective Management
  • Learn to Transition from Individual Contributor to Manager

Effective Communication

  • Recognize what effective communication really is
  • Know the barriers that can cause derailment and misunderstanding
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of different communication channels
  • Understand your thinking preferences and identify other’s style through observation
  • Adapt communication style to increase collaboration and minimize interpersonal friction

Persuasion & Influence

  • Learn the difference between persuasion and Influence
  • Assess your use of various influencing strategies and learn under what circumstances each strategy is effective
  • Understand different thinking preferences and how to influence each style

DAY TWO: Technical Management Skills

Master the technical skills of a Leaders

Understanding Leadership Styles

  • Provide overview of Situational Leadership Structure
  • Match your leadership style to the your developmental needs and task at hand
  • Activity: Guess what style

Maximizing Motivation & Engagement

  • Creating a motivational environment
  • Elements of engagement
  • How to increase motivation and engagement

Successful Delegation

  • Fundamentals of effective delegation
  • Setting up delegation as time management and motivation tool
  • Activity: Four step delegation activity

Strategies for Managing Conflict

  • Premise, effects and barriers
  • Five Methods of managing conflict: The Thomas- Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Activity: Style matching with conflict situations

Effective Decision Making

  • Five Elements for successful Decision making
  • Styles, fundamentals, and challenges
  • Activity: Decision making examples

DAY THREE: Advancing You and Your Team

Elevate your team’s productivity and your career

Presence and Personal Branding

  • Verbal, vocal, and visual communication
  • Develop you three words
  • Activity: Notecard feedback

Giving Action Oriented Feedback

  • Creating a culture of feedback
  • Understanding the attributes of effective feedback
  • Utilizing a four part feedback conversation model
  • Taking a coach approach to managing and feedback
  • Setting effective goals

NOTE: This section can incorporate internal processes with input from HR

Networking and Building Effective Relationships

  • Increase your awareness of perceptions and impressions you project
  • Discover specific ways to increase your value to your network and strengthen relationships

Action Planning

  • Peer coaching on specific situations
  • Developing a plan for moving forward with the lessons from the three days

Additional modules can be swapped with existing outline including:

  • Accountability
  • Trust
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Change Management
  • Situational leadership
  • Coaching
  • Relationship Networking

After three – six months, Executive Essentials recommends the Sustaining Excellence program

Sustaining Excellence – Manager Module

Key Objectives for Program:

  • Demonstrate a continued investment in people managers
  • Call for action to people managers that they need to be catalysts for change and continuous improvement in the organization
  • Continue to reinforce the NBI and how thinking styles can support your growth as a leader
  • Reinforce the importance of a partner or “buddy” to support learning
  • Building and sustaining trust as well as accountability are critical to successful people management
  • Provide tools to managers to grow and develop employees in current climate
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