Michelle was wonderful to work with and delivered results in a short space of time. She has helped me to see the world and people around me differently.

– Matt Kinnaird, Global Facility Enterprise Leader, Johnson & Johnson

Coaching from Michelle will definitely catapult you in the direction of progress and success!

– Delayna Laurel, Regulatory Manager, Procter & Gamble

Michelle’s coaching style is tailored, insightful, and results-driven. Her feedback is constructive, motivating, and always delivered with a positive approach.

– Yotam Stanger, Director, Fremont Macanta

If you have the opportunity to attend one of Michelle Tillis Lederman’s courses about Leadership or listen to one of her podcasts, DO IT. It will change your life. Michelle is such a captivating speaker who has such an extensive knowledge base on effective leadership. You forget you are taking a training course as the time and days fly and the interaction is truly enjoyable. I walked away from her course with pages of notes and pearls that I can effectively apply today.

-Jennifer Mancini, Manager of Marketing Communications at B. Braun Medical Inc. (US)

Connected Leadership is a deep dive into the tools you need to succeed as a leader in today’s organizations. More and more it’s about how you connect with and influence individuals and Michelle’s approach, based on her books, takes an incredibly practical, straight-forward approach on a topic that’s anything but technical. Michelle’s style, energy and content are world-class and I feel lucky to have been a part of this.

-Rebecca Friese, Co-Founder, Managing Partner at FLYN

I recently participated in a leadership training that Michelle led. I usually don’t get much from leadership workshops, but Michelle left the group with clear direction and a plan to put into action. Her authenticity and energy convey clarity and purpose in developing lasting trusting connections to build collaborative and productive teams. Michelle helped us understand our personal thinking preferences and identify those of others to better communicate and connect. Definitively worth your time!

-Charles Thomasset, Program Manager at CPQ Configurator

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Michelle. It was eye-opening how she helped guide me through specific presentations and situations to better present my work. There are things that will stick with me forever. Passionate, enthusiastic, genuinely down to earth and invested in your development! Highly recommend you allow Michelle to help you; you don’t know what you don’t know!!

-Thomas Sachtler, Director of National Warehouse Operations at ALDI USA

I recently attended Michelle’s WBECS presentation on “Innate Communication” and found her style and content to be direct, clear, concise and very engaging. The session was full of practical take aways. Thank you Michelle for your generosity of spirit and sharing. 

-Tina Shah, Premier Fellow Coach at BetterUp

I attended Michelle’s session at Wbecs, Innate Communication: Understanding Others to Strengthen Relationships. It was an invaluable 90 minutes of learning, interaction, reflection, connection, and inspiration.

-Berna Merih, Owner and Founder at Berna Merih Coaching, LLC

Michelle provides engaging and dynamic sessions with a good mix of full group discussions and smaller breakout groups. She brings a wealth of experience with her framework and provides easy to use tools in improving one’s capabilities in making better connections. 

-Fiona Humphrey, Project Management Consultant at CrossCountry Consulting

I was looking to fine tune some executive skills and prepare for bigger opportunities. Michelle tailored a custom plan for me that exceeded my expectations. The work we did together helped shape and grow my goals and trajectory, and I saw measurable, definitive results immediately. Truly grateful for the chance to work together and I highly recommend her!

-Jonny Blistein., Vice President of Business Development at Ryff

I have read Michelle’s book “The 11 Laws of Likability” three times and I highly recommend this book. I have learned something new each time! Great read!!

-Shawn Shook, Vice President at BBE Solutions Inc

I found the presentation and advice to be practical and immediately actionable. She set the audience at ease and held the attention of room in a warm yet direct, informative manner. I highly recommend Executive Essential’s program to help you and your employees better understand and execute the art and science of professional networking.

-Steve Dudley, Executive Vice President Sales and Business Development

Michelle’s teaching style is very good and engaging. She is a dynamic speaker and keeps your attention focused throughout a full day of training. Her content helps to better focus your message by gaining a better understanding of your audience. While many may think this is touchy feely stuff, Michelle brings it around to how interactions happen in the workplace and how personality types respond to different approaches. Overall, an excellent course and highly recommended!

-Ralph Bohnenberger, Facilities Finance Business and Contract Manager

I appreciate the time Executive Essentials spent with us providing expert guidance on managing for excellence. Their programs were eye opening, and the information presented was received with an extreme positive impact; it was a most memorable experience.

Mark Klein, NYCDEP

I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about the session, including several “oh my gosh, THAT’S WHY we don’t get along/can’t get anything done” types of comments. For my part, I can say unequivocally that it was everything I’d hoped for and much more. It felt like the right mix of listening and activities, and there was a ton of good content and instruction.

-Rozlyn Rader , Controller, Signature Theater

I walked out of the class a much more self aware, observant and confident communicator.

-Stephen Wright, Managing Director, Risk at Neuberger Berman

I engaged Executive Essentials to help my department deal with some key communication challenges. They prepared superbly by listening to what the issues were and what my expectations were. The session was interesting, fun, insightful, and ultimately extremely helpful. I strongly recommend Executive Essentials for their expertise, delivery style, and above all, for the results produced.

-Steve Peltzman, Chief Business Technology Officer, Forrester Research

The trainer was very comfortable with the group, a lot of fun, funny, interesting and interactive. The group quickly got comfortable and participated in an active discussion and got some very helpful tips under expert facilitation. I would highly recommend a program with Executive Essentials; you will get a lot out of it as I did.

-Steven Lichtenthal, Managing Director – Head of Americas Operations at Natixis

The program leader has a knack for presenting complex information in an easily digestible way. I learned a great deal about my behavior and how it contributes to how I am perceived, as well as how to relate to persons with different operating styles. This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in upgrading their personal brand. My coworkers and I couldn’t stop talking about how much we enjoyed the workshop.

-Alberto Dominguez, Personnel Officer, Global Ministries

Our office retained Executive Essentials to conduct a productivity workshop with a staff of 18. She immediately lit up the room with her energy and ability to connect and relate with each team member. Her thoughtful and tailored suggestions and solutions demonstrated the research she’d done on our needs. I would strongly recommend Michelle and Executive Essentials – she’s an outstanding balance of motivation, empathy and professionalism.

-Michael Malone, Associate Dean at Columbia Business School

Executive Essentials led a great presentation at our recent meeting – she was interesting and dynamic. She engaged the entire audience by breaking us into working groups, soliciting our input, and tying it into her presentation content. We had a highly active presenter, who kept us entertained throughout!

-Ted Bredikin, Leading organizational change to maximize business performance

The Executive Essentials facilitator was dynamic, fun, and exciting. It was easy to listen to her and follow what she presented. She really engaged the whole group. At every point, she drew people in from around the room. I would recommend this training to anybody.

-Julie Murphy, Senior Consultant

Michelle did an outstanding job of addressing the specifics we requested and accomplished that in a very engaging and energetic manner. The analysis of personality types and their effect on sales opportunities was especially helpful.

-Robin Bloom, Vice President, Bank Hapoalim

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle when she ran a day-long public speaking workshop for Marist’s women’s mentoring group. She did an amazing job and kept us engaged the entire day. The workshop was highly interactive and provided a wealth of practical advice and takeaways. Michelle is organized, professional, engaging, and knowledgeable, and she can customize each workshop to a group’s particular needs and interests.

-Elisabeth Tavarez, Assistant Vice President, College Marketing and Communication, Marist College

I had the honor of hiring Executive Essentials for The New School Staff Development Day. She knocked it out of the park for an audience of 400+! The feedback has been phenomenal. Repeated themes straight from the evaluations include “energetic, full of valuable and relevant information, polished professional and fun”. I couldn’t agree more. The EE facilitator quickly engaged the crowd, picked up on audience needs and got powerful messages across in a humble, smart way. I HIGHLY recommend Executive Essentials for any keynote, training or coaching.

-IlanaTolpin Levitt, Director of Employee Development and Organizational Effectiveness, The New School

Fantastic Course! Course with a lot of energy and insight. Good balance of formal course content with practical group exercises designed to give leaders of all levels insight to their existing skills as well as insight to style(s) they may not have thought of. Great course for those in leadership roles, sales roles where understanding your customer’s style is critical to success, and those in influential leadership roles.

-Curtis Junge, Business Manager, Industrial gases north Region at Air Products

Michelle is great to work with and always focuses on serving her clients in the best way possible.

-Abigail Kies, Assistant Dean, Career Development, Yale School of Management

Hire Executive Essentials if you want customized, personalized, interactive sessions delivered with energy, knowledge and passion.

-Yuval Berger, Director of Trading, Hapoalim Securities