Public speaking skills are essential as you elevate in your career. Leaders must have the ability to deliver clear, engaging and influential presentations. According to a UCLA study, 93% of a communicator’s effectiveness is based on non-verbal cues. This coaching program includes a focus on the verbal, vocal and visual delivery techniques appropriate for the business environment, which can improve a speaker’s credibility, influence and impact.

Public speaking coaching is customized to the presenter and can work on foundational skills or prepare for a specific high stakes presentation.   Topics covered may include:

Virtual Coaching:
Get clear on your presentation intent and analyze your audience. Develop the storyline and design the slide messaging.

In Person Coaching:
Spend the day with Michelle honing your verbal, vocal and visual delivery for your greatest impact and influence.


Managing Fear: It starts with mindset. Learn the mental, behavioral, and physical methods to manage you specific manifestations of fear.

Organization: Implement the I-AM model to organize content including attention-getting openings, logical content flow with stories and visuals, and closings that call the audience to act.

Verbal, Vocal and Visual Delivery: Leverage the verbal, vocal, and visual components of delivery. Recognize the habits that erode your credibility and impact.

Audience Awareness: The key to influence is understanding your audience and designing a presentation that solves their problem, addresses their goals, and engages them to act.

Visual Aids: Visual aids such as slides, videos, or handouts can enhance the audience’s understanding and retention of the material. Using these aids effectively requires selecting the right format and content, and ensuring they are visually appealing and easy to understand.

Handling Questions: Being able to handle questions effectively is key to a successful presentation. This involves actively listening to the question, providing clear and concise answers, and handling any challenging or unexpected questions with confidence and professionalism.


Overall, effective presentation skills require a combination of careful planning, confident delivery, audience awareness, visual aids, time management, and the ability to handle questions effectively. Developing these skills can enhance your professional success and help you communicate your ideas and influence your audience to act.

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