Coaching is an individualized process of one-on-one work to develop specific skills and make behavioral change.  Coaching incorporates many topics based on the individual’s needs including leadership, interpersonal awareness, building trust, executive presence, relationship building, delegation, and organizational communication. Coaching is driven by the relationship; therefore, the coach will adapt to the needs of the client.

Executive Essentials coaches take a Coach Consulting approach where we bring both our coaching skills and our topical expertise to advance the client objectives. As a result, when appropriate, we incorporate training into the sessions. Engagements start at 6 months as behavioral change needs time to take hold. Below are elements in a standard six-month engagement structure.


Coaching Components:

  • Kick off Meeting: Coach, client, and sponsor will discuss the engagement structure, objectives, and coaching process.
  • Qualitative 360 Feedback Assessment: Coachee will identify key stakeholders to provide verbal qualitative feedback about the Coachee. Coach will provide a written report including recommended areas of focus for the coaching engagement.
  • 360 Feedback Debrief: Coach and Coachee will meet for an extended session to review the feedback.
  • Development of IDP: Coach and Coachee will begin the development of the Individual Development Plan (IDP) during the 360 debrief session. The Client and Coachee will iterate on the IDP which lays the basis for coaching objectives and measurement of success.
  • Coaching Sessions, Interim and Email Support: Coach and Coachee will meet regularly to implement the Coachee’s development plan, overcome obstacles, and navigate challenging situations. Coachee will communicate with coach between sessions on areas of accountable feedback or needed support.
  • Communications Review: Coach will assist in the review, drafting, positioning, editing, and delivery of critical communications. This is used significantly for deescalating conflicts and key presentations.
  • Manager / Sponsor Updates: Coach, Coachee, and manager meet during the engagement to align on the IDP and seek ongoing input and support.


The benefits of individual coaching include increased self-awareness, improved performance, better decision-making, enhanced communication skills, and greater resilience and adaptability. It can also lead to greater satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness in one’s personal and professional life.

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