Strategic support to navigate change, step up to a new role, elevate your impact and advance your career

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that enables you to reach your full potential. Through the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes a coach assists the client in making real and lasting change.

Presentation and Public Speaking Coaching

When working with a client on public speaking, we act as a coach and an advisor. Through live, video and virtual sessions, we work with you to build your skill and confidence and will even be in the wings during that key presentation. When working with on coach you can focus on any and all of the areas below.

Personal Brand and Communication Intent

  • Determine your brand personality
  • Understand the importance of “image” and how to use it to positively influence every audience
  • Manage fear with mental, behavioral, and physical methods
  • Identify your position on the tell, sell, join, or consult spectrum
  • Analyze your audience to prioritize and organize content

Presentation Preparation and Design

  • Structure the presentation for clarity, impact, and persuasiveness
  • Capture the audience’s attention from the beginning – and keeping it
  • Use visual materials to reinforce the power of your presentation
  • Close the presentation with impact and create a call to action
  • Discover the attention curve and structure your content to increase attention and action
  • Implement the I-AM communication strategy to influence audiences

Public Speaking Strategies

  • Leverage the verbal, vocal, and visual components of delivery
  • Respond to challenging questions and statements with confidence, authority, and understanding
  • Infuse audience interaction elements
  • Deal with large and international audiences
  • Position arguments with audience benefit statements
  • Learn tactics for stalling, disagreeing, handling hostility and generating interaction

Why Hire a Coach?

In life, we all need different perspectives, guidance, time to reflect, feedback, and support. A coach provides all these aspects to further your objectives and enable the vision you set for yourself.

How Does Executive Essentials Engagements work?

The most important aspect of a coaching engagement is the relationship. All clients have the opportunity to interview and personally select their coach.  The engagement objectives are set by the client. Some areas we have provided coaching in are:

  • Assertiveness and Initiative
  • Communication and Influence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Managing a Larger Team
  • Managing Up
  • Networking
  • Presenting Ideas and Public Speaking
  • Providing Feedback

What Our Clients Have to Say

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