Our Founder’s Story

I started my career in finance in the early 1990’s. I was quickly promoted and managing others, sometimes 10 years my senior, by the age of 22. I made many, many mistakes. I found myself frustrated by the lack clear communication and effective leadership. Over my decade in finance, I found myself wanting to explain to those sitting across from me how to effectively pitch, deliver feedback, and provide information. I had wished someone had taught me rather than learning through trial and error.

That desire is the vision behind Executive Essentials. My goal was to equip people with the knowledge and tools to communicate and lead with confidence, clarity, and connection.

Founded in 2004, today Executive Essentials is a team of experienced coaches and trainers with that same mission. We understand that people learn differently and create custom live, virtual, and hybrid training and coaching programs to reach all learning styles. Every course we offer is:

Every course we offer is:
  • CUSTOMIZED: Designed specifically with your organization’s needs in mind.
  • INCLUSIVE: Considers the diversity of people and situations in the room.
  • EMPOWERING: Results in increased confidence and willingness to implement the learned skills.
  • INTERACTIVE: Delivered with high energy, engaging all learning styles.

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Our Team

Experienced and Dedicated Partners to Our Clients

Executive Essential’s trainers and coaches are dedicated to the success of our clients. With a fundamental belief in continuous learning, they are business professionals who succeeded in their profession by utilizing the business skills they train. The result is a trainer who understands the issues and audiences you face.

Meet Our Team

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